Emblematic cuvée of BLIV Champagne

Sold with its box & a personalized intention card


"L'Ambitieuse" is a Blanc de Blancs, Brut 100% Chardonnay.

The bottle is hand-dressed by us, for a unique and elegant design.

We guarantee a product entirely produced and manufactured in France, from content to container.


What is an intention card?

At BLIV, we believe that celebration is essential to live fully happy ! To rejoice, to share, to live our personal or collective victories, our birthdays, our marriages, our divorces sometimes also ... simply our moments of joy and pride, to celebrate you to celebrate Life.

This card is a gift to yourself or to a woman who is dear to you, a heroine whom you want to thank, congratulate, to whom you want to offer a moment of celebration with Love (yes a lot of love).


So write us your intention, who will receive this gift and we will take care of putting glitter in his eyes ♡



Tasting note

Our "Ambitieuse" is characterized by a long cellar time, on a raw base with low dosage of sour, which gives it a note on the palate that is both fresh and round. You will appreciate its fine and light bubbles!


"The Ambitious" & Card of Intention ・ Blanc de Blancs