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Reopening of bars

We have been waiting for it for a long time...The reopening of the bars

And for the occasion, we present you 5 barmaids who marked the world of the brewery

🇫🇷Jennifer Le Nechet

She won the Diageo World Class competition in 2016, she was the first woman to win this competition

She is the manager of her own bar in Paris

To follow her / Her bar

🇨🇦Kaitlyn Stewart

She won the Diageo World Class competition in 2017

She is the manager of a bar in Vancouver

To follow her / Her tutorials

🇨🇦Sabrina Mailhot

She is the co-organizer of the mixology contest "Made with booze".

She is a bartender at the Coldroom in Montreal and has participated in several competitions

To follow her / The Coldroom bar

🇫🇷Lucile Gargasson

She is the ambassador of the St Germain liqueur brand but also the founder of the collective of 40 barmaids "Les femmes du bar".

She is the co-owner of the cocktail bistro Café Moderne in Paris

To follow her / The Café Moderne

🇮🇳Minakshi Singh

She is the co-founder of Cocktails&Dreams, Speakeasy and the Bar

Her bar was voted best bar in India To follow her / The Cocktails&Dreams

These women make us want to remake the world! Why not you? 🥂

B.LIVment yours 😘

- Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation -

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