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Happy Mother's day to Ambitious moms ✨

On this Mother's Day, we present you 15 ambitious moms (it was hard to choose), who have impacted the world with their girl power attitude ✊🏻✨

Jacinda Ardern

🇳🇿 Prime Minister of New Zealand

🤰🏻Became a mother while in office

👧🏻A daughter

"I'm not the first woman to multi-task. I'm not the first woman to have a child and work at the same time. (...)"

Michelle Bachelet

🇨🇱Former President of Chile

🇺🇳United Nations High Commissioner for

Human Rights

👩‍👩‍👦Two girls, one boy

"We have not invested much in women.... One of my jobs is for everyone to spend a lot more on women."

Michelle Obama

🇺🇸Former First Lady of the United States

👩🏾First black first lady in the White House

👩‍👧Two girls

"As women, we must stand up for ourselves. As women, we must stand up for each other. As women, we must stand up for justice for all."

Chiara Ferragni

🇮🇹Blogger and stylist

👩🏼‍💻Named the most influential blogger

👨‍👧One boy, one girl

"That mix of drive and passion made me the businesswoman I am now."

Kenza Zouiten Subosic

🇸🇪Blogger and entrepreneur

🔖Co-founded her clothing brand

👨‍👦Two boys

"Thank you (to my body) for making me believe in myself again, in my own strength and in my ability to be the loving mother I always wanted to be."

Kylie Jenner

🇺🇸Influencer and entrepreneur

💰Becomes the youngest billionaire in history

👧🏾A girl

"(...) I'm making my own money and starting my own business, and I feel like I'm an inspiration to a lot of young girls who want to stand on their own two feet."

Lisa Gachet

🇫🇷Blogger and influencer.

🔖Created her clothing brand

👶🏻A (future) daughter

"And then there's the sweetness of those moments, a little kick later below my belly button and I realize that life will change soon.... "

Carole Juge-Llewellyn


✊🏻Creator of the brand Joone

🤰🏻Future child

"So every day I leave with a shot of courage to stay honest with my choices, my beliefs, my will."

Mathilde Lacombe

🇫🇷Blogger and entrepreneur

💄Co-founder of Joliebox (now Birchbox)

👨‍👩‍👧Three children

"Whether you call them dreams, goals, resolutions, or simply ideas, now is the time to imagine all the possibilities that are out there."

Charlize Theron

🇿🇦🇺🇸Actress, producer and model.

🇺🇳UN Peace Messenger

👨‍👧A boy, a girl

"What I know in my heart is that women and girls on the ground are powerful and they are leaders."

Laeticia Milot

🇫🇷Actress, model and writer

✊🏻Figure in the fight against endometriosis

👧🏻A girl

"To be generous humanly, to know how to look at what is around us, to listen to others, to give of your time, it is priceless."

Shay Mitchell

🇨🇦Actress and model

✊🏾Lifts taboos on breastfeeding and miscarriage

👧🏾A girl

"Growing up, I wish I hadn't tried so hard to fit in. (...) It's hard being a girl. I think we need all the support we can get."


🇫🇷Author, composer, performer

💪🏾Mother of the 1st Artillery Regiment of Bourogne,

👦🏾A boy

"It's not easy being a girl, that's a fact. To be free, strong, a fighter, resilient, a careerist, in love, vulnerable, forward-thinking, elusive, young, then not anymore, different, independent... to be yourself despite everything"


🇫🇷Singer, musician and actress

✊🏻Fights for gender equality

👧🏼A girl

"There's no reason not to be optimistic when you put in the work because the work always pays off."


🇺🇸Singer and songwriter

✊🏾Fights for gender equality