Friends before being associated

Our encounter in Paris

A crush since 2013 !

We were both passionate about our projects and had a common ambition; create our company and to become entrepreneurs.

One year later at the age of 22, Estelle took over the family business located in Berru in Champagne.

We lived through her first harvest together and we never left each other again 💛

From idea to business project

To create a bold brand with a modern outlook, combining champagne excellence and commitment.

For a year, we have been working on this exciting project. On October 15th 2015, we presented our first vintage "L'Ambitieuse" on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition in homage to Patti Smith, the rebellious and committed muse of the mothers' generation.

BLIV Champagne is a story of friendship between a Parisian and a Rémoise who dream of conquering the world with bubbles. Can we tell you more? 🤩

Our mission statement

BLIV Champagne celebrates sparkling, ambitious women, those who dare to dream big and be herself with authenticity and intensity #SparklinGirl.

Our universe is a mixture of excellence, modernity and commitment, where empowerment is lived with a nice dose of #ChamPower glitter 😘


Estelle, the winegrower 👩‍🌾

Her Super Power • The determination ! Nothing is impossible when you give yourself the tools.

Her mission • To take care of the vineyards and ensure the quality of our champagnes.

Her ambition • To position BLIV alongside the best champagnes in the world thanks to the quality of her work and that it be recognized as such by its peers.

Armonie, the creative 👩🏻‍💻

Her super power  The enthusiasm! All experience is life's lesson, always believe in it.

Her mission  To take inspiration from new models to enrich the brand and coordinate operations to make the company grow.

Her Ambition  To bring BLIV Champagne from the startup to the benchmark company in the new luxury market.